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As a self-taught artist, Walcher developed her unique painting style over many years of experimentation. As a trained carpenter, Sabrina Walcher also acquired a lot of drawing and representational knowledge in a variety of further training courses. The fascination grew during a nude painting seminarBody andPortraits finally sparked to paint.

"The desire to express feelings and experiences that go beyond words led me to my artistic career today."

Walcher's work has been exhibited regularly for almost half a decade, both in group and solo exhibitions. Walcher has presented her works internationally with exhibitions in New York, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria. Sabrina Walcher's works and commissioned works can be found in private collections and public institutions.


"Without deviation from the norm, no progress is possible!"    Frank Zappa

Sabrina Walcher während der Arbeit an einem figurativen Gemälde in ihrem atelier in Schladming


Born in 1980 in Baden Württemberg/Germany, Sabrina Walcher now lives and works with her husband and daughter in Schladming/Austria.

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