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Belonging to Club 27 means being part of a tragic and fascinating elite. Because only those who die as geniuses at the age of 27, at the peak and at the actual beginning of their musical career, enter this community. Her profound song lyrics, which are more important today, are left behind for posterity
are than ever before. They show us how we can rethink the world in order to break through the superficiality of everyday life.

Another legacy of Club 27 is the potentially unsolvable mystery: What did drove these people and threw their lives so off track? Looking for Answers, I immersed myself in a consideration of six members of Club 27: You Life full of passion and conflict, the exhilarating triumph on stage and escaping reality into drug use. However, I wasn't looking for the Icon, the aloof face. I wanted to find the person, a person with childhood

and history.

By reducing the colors and focusing on the face without background or body, the human face comes into view. Guided by my intuitive technique with the painting knife, I looked for answers on the face.and above all to be found in the eyes of these people. The life story is on the face.inscribed in the human being, but the eye allows the soul to be seen.

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