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"With my art I want to create an authentic world in which real emotions and appreciation form is the basis of every coexistence!"


Painting has been a natural form of self expression for me, with colors and brushstrokes feeling more expressive than words. I draw the inspiration for my work from life, whether that’s a childhood memory or a challenging emotion.


Using mostly black-and-white paint and a painting knife, I channel my experience and my values to create artwork that will inspire those who view it. Art can be a reminder of what matters to us; an image can inspire courage, love, or confidence in us. By choosing subjects that inspire me and depicting their unique existence in a direct style, the rich qualities that make them who they are will shine forth.

Sabrina Walcher, deutsch - österreichische Künstlerin. Figurative Malerei, Portraitmalerei, zeitgenössiche Kunst, moderne Kunst

Authenticity, freedom, passion and individuality are some of the central values that guide my art. By creating works of art that are based on my personal philosophy, I invite the viewer to review their own values and find out whether they are still consistent and genuine.


Our modern life is often busy and scary; it's easy to go through life without awakening the deeper, more fulfilling sides of our personalities.


My art focuses on the power of authentic expression and emotions and inspires people to go inside themselves and discover the unique ideas and forms of expression that they want to share with the world.


Not either or - but with each other.
Not one without the other. Mutually, these two classic non-colors create the whole. Where there is light, there is also shadow. Only the shallows let the beauty shine!

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